Luminous tape baseboard Wall Sticker

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Multi-Function Luminous tape baseboard Wall Sticker!

Bring the outdoors and bring new life into your home by providing an interesting focal point to any room. Create a room and showcase your personality with our durable and easy to install Luminous tape baseboard Wall Sticker with the highest quality.

Amazing Uses:-

  • Adhesive Wall Sticker:- It can be used for decorating your home, Hospital, Emergency exit, or Theatre. Now, you don’t want to turn on the lights to get up and pee at night. It can be used as free- stickers or home décor material too.

  • Decor Everywhere:- It can be used for decorating your house and it looks stunning at parties with dim light.

  • Party Your Home:- You can costume yourself with the luminous tape and beat the floor with your moves. Don’t stop! and there is no one to hold you back now.

How to use it?

  1. Clean the surface of which you are going to apply the sticker.
  2. Make sure the surface is completely smooth, otherwise it may fall off easily.
  3. Peel the sticker off of the sheet slowly.
  4. Stick the sticker where desired.
  5. Wipe down the sticker gently in a wiping motion to eliminate air bubbles.


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