4 Styles Smile Face Fridge Stickers

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Cheer up any kitchen or office by making your fridge a Giant Emoji!

These Smile Face Fridge Stickers are Great for Kids - Lots of laughs from the whole family every time you enter your kitchen!

  • Cheer up any kitchen or office by making your fridge a giant emoji!
  • Sticks to any metal surface - Laundry Machines, Refrigerators, Filing Cabinets
  • 100% Removable - No Fridge Marks!
  • A great addition to kids' rooms or playrooms!

How to use it?

  1. Cut every part of the wall sticker separately by scissor.
  2. Please take parts of the wall sticker with a transfer film away from the ground paper of the wall sticker.
  3. It's better to take away ground paper if you reverse the wall sticker.
  4. Please stick the part of the wall sticker with a transfer film to the placement you want gently.
  5. Please make sure the surface of the wall sticker to be flat by card.
  6. Please take away the transfer film from the wall sticker as carefully as possible to avoid pulling away the wall sticker.



Decal is made of durable high-quality vinyl that is perfect for indoor or outdoor use!

It is removable, but not reusable!

Shipping Times:-

Due to popular demand and the current pandemic situation, the shipping may take more time than usual.

Please take note of shipping time, based on your shipping country. 

  • United States:- 20-30 Days to Arrive
  • Australia:- 13-20 Days to Arrive
  • Canada:- 15-30 Days to Arrive
  • New Zealand:- 13-20 Days to Arrive
  • United Kingdom:- 20-40 Days to Arrive

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