2020 Quarantine Christmas Decoration

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2020 has been a huge year. Not only does it sound important, but it kind of felt like something out of a science fiction movie, especially with everyone wearing face masks! 2020 also makes for a really cool design! If big things happened to you this year (maybe a new baby), then this personalized 2020 ornament totally belongs on your tree! Choose your design and order, add your names of choice with a marker pen and you have an awesome tree decoration!

Shipping Times:-

Due to popular demand and the current pandemic situation, the shipping may take more time than usual.

Please take note of shipping time, based on your shipping country. 

  • United States:- 20-30 Days to Arrive 
  • Australia:- Shipping not available
  • Canada:- 15-30 Days to Arrive
  • New Zealand:- 13-20 Days to Arrive
  • United Kingdom:- 20-40 Days to Arrive

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