2-Way Pet Hair Remover Roller

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We love our pets, but having hair everywhere you lie and sit is horrible for you AND your guests! Do you know someone looking for an easy way out? 

Is Your Pet's Hair Everywhere?
I Know You Have Pet or You Are Lovers of Pets!
★There is a Real Problem, We Always Forgot★
Our Pets Always Are Shedding Their Hair Right?

Time to Get Rid ALL OF THEM!!! With This Amazing 2-Way Pet Hair Remover Roller.

  • Easy to Clean & Use.

  • No Batteries or Power Source Required.

  • Remove Your Pet Dog or Cat Hair Easily.

  • The Roller Can Be Reused Over and Over Again. 

  • Works with all furniture Such as sofa, carpet, bed or other furniture.


How Does it work? 

  • Move the Fur Fighter back and forth in the suspect area in a fast motion. This creates an electrostatic charge that attracts any type of hair & dust to the roller!

  • It grabs all hair, dust, and lint and stores it in the roller.

  • When the location is clean, a click system can be used to open the remover so that all hair can be thrown away quickly. 


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